The Department of Crop Science offers a comprehensive and rigorous academic programme for the BSc in Agricultural Resources Management and Technology. That provides the students with the requisite knowledge, experience and skills for sustainable crop production including mainly food, feed, fibre and fuel (bio-energy). To this end, it offers a broad spectrum of courses such as seed biology, production and management of crops, crop physiology, post-harvest management, cropping systems, agro-forestry, forestry, controlled environment agriculture, bio-statistics and climate change. The Department also supports the other degree programmes of the Faculty of Agriculture, namely Agri-business Management and Green Technology by offering basic courses relating to Crop Science.


The Department provides a right blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training through a “student-centric approach” so that the graduates produced have the capacity and capability to develop solutions to the issues and challenges in agriculture and allied fields. It also conducts a Master’s programme in Crop Production Technology and provides opportunities for higher studies leading to MPhil and PhD as well. While promoting academic and research excellence, the Department has forged close links with the community and industry making the academic offerings and research endeavours of the Department relevant to the world of work.


The Department of Crop Science, with its dedicated and competent staff, is emerging as a leader in proffering solutions to local and national issues and challenges in the realm of agriculture.



Advance technologies in the spheres of plant sciences to meet present and future challenges in augmenting plant productivity.



Encompass agronomy and physiology of plant species, which are nutritional, industrial, medicinal and environmental importance.


The Department consists of a teaching laboratory, research laboratory and biotechnology & plant tissue culture unit, which are modestly equipped to cater to the ongoing teaching and research programs of the Department. Further, two plant houses and a protected agriculture unit facilitated with hydroponics system is also available to serve the same. In recognition of the scientific merits of the research programs conducted in the Department, numbers of research grants are offered to some senior members of the Department from national and international funding agencies.