Agricultural Engineering Department is to become a recognized institute nationally and internationally as a program of excellence in the application of engineering principles to agricultural production and processing, natural resources management, environmental conservation and rural technology development.


The mission of the department of Agricultural Engineering is to promote teaching, research and extension aspects of Agricultural Engineering and Technology development for the well being of the mankind



To provide in-depth learning of subjects offered under core program to nourish academic and research intersects of students from the very inception of their academic carrier
To develop students intellectual capacity to improve cognitive and transferable skills which provide better knowledge base and skill in the field of Agricultural Engineering
To avail the students to have exposure on real world issues by undertaking research in the industry
To provide services to the industry, agricultural community and the public through research, training and knowledge dissemination.
To provide students to expose to practical and field training on Farm Machinery and Equipment, Land Surveying and Leveling, Engineering Drawing, Soil and Water Engineering applications and Agro-climatology to develop their knowledge and skills on field of Agriculture.
To conduct a research project, and gain the skills in report writing, management and presentation etc for students.



Agricultural engineering is the application of science, mathematics, and engineering to agriculture, food systems, natural resources, the environment, and related biological systems. Undergraduate degree program has special emphasis on environmental protection and the biological interface of plants, animals, water and soils with the design and performance of environments, machines, mechanisms, processes, and structures.


Agricultural Engineering is one of the major subjects in the syllabus of the undergraduate course offered by the faculty. It has a set objective to produce graduates with necessary skills and knowledge to handle all technological processes involved in the chain of food production commencing from land clearing, preparation and crop establishment until harvesting, processing, storage of the end products and preparation till it reach to mouth.


Department of Agricultural Engineering was functioning as a sub division of the Department of Agronomy and was formed as a separate Department in 1992. Department engages with applied engineering technology for production, preservation and processing of agricultural products.


At present one senior Professor, four senior Lecturers, five Lecturers, two Temporary Lecturers, one Research Assistant and one Temporary Demonstrator along with twenty visiting lecturers are involved in undergraduate teaching program of the Department.


Department has well equipped laboratories including machinery workshop with modern facilities to cater the undergraduates. Agro Meteorological Station, Science and Technology Park, Cinnamon Distillation Unit, Home Garden Model and Protected House are also maintained by the Department and those are very helpful for the undergraduate teaching course.


Undergraduate courses offered by the Department during the four-year period cover the following major areas of the Agricultural Engineering Field viz Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Post Harvest Technology and Agricultural Products Processing Engineering, Soil and Water Engineering, Irrigation and Water Management, Agricultural Climatology, Ground Water Hydrology, Precision Agricultural Technologies, Environmental Engineering and Waste Management, Rural Technology and Energy Management.


First three years of the degree program, six compulsory courses, which cover all fundamental areas of Agricultural Engineering, are offered by the Department. Full time 90 hrs non-credit compulsory training program on Farm Machinery including evaluation, testing, and driving of two and four wheel tractors are offered in the second semester of the third year. In the same semester, the course, Field Practices in Agricultural Engineering which is totally allocated to practical are offered and it gives opportunity for the undergraduates to get involved in applicability of what they studies in previous semesters.


Students who opt to specialize in Agricultural Engineering can follow the advanced Agricultural Engineering Modules during the first semester of fourth year, which includes subjects such as Advance Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Applied Agricultural Climatology and Meteorology, Hydrology of the Smaller Irrigation Systems and Catchments, GIS and Remote Sensing Technology, Environmental Engineering and Agricultural Waste Management, Ground Water Hydrology, Post Harvest Technology and Agricultural Processing Engineering, Advanced Engineering Drawing. Students may undertake a research program in one of the areas of Agricultural Engineering in the second semester of the fourth year.


Department plans to further develop existing meteorological station in collaboration with meteorological department of Sri Lanka, setting up of agricultural product processing unit, establishment of a farm implements and appropriate technology museum, development of irrigation demonstration unit, improvement of waste treatment technologies, further development of the analytical lab and the improvement of the cinnamon distillation unit.