Core Courses

Economic theory - For non-economic field                    

Advanced micro economics  

Advanced macro economics  

Agricultural economics  

Quantitative methods  

Theories of Agricultural Resource Management  

Agricultural policy  

Seminar (1)


Elective  Courses

Project planning and evaluation  

Mathematical programming techniques in agriculture

Extension management  

Comparative studies of South Asian economies 

Social and economic impact assessments of agricultural projects  

Information systems for business and research  

Spatial Information Systems / GIS and IT  

Energy and environmental economics  

Economics of water resources  

Management of water resources and catchments  

Economics of marine and inland fisheries 

Forest Management  

Welfare economics  

Land and labor management in agriculture  

Global and regional trading systems and international food policies  

Agricultural marketing and price analysis  

Economic statistics (Time series, Indices, production functions)

Resource Economics

Multivariate and non-parametric statistical methods for social and biological sciences

Agricultural Policy analysis  

Rural Sociology /Agricultural sociology  

Livestock and environmental management


Preliminary non-credit courses (As directed by the academic committee)

  1. Technical writing

  2. Basic economics (for graduates from biological and physical sciences)

  3. Principles of agronomy (Social science graduates)

  4. Principles of animal husbandry (for non agricultural graduates)

  5. Basic mathematics (Depending on the studentís knowledge on mathematics)


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