Alternanthera sessilis L.

Synonyms: Alternanthera triandra Lam., Altemanthera denticulate R. Br., Altemanthera nodiflora R. Br., Altemcinthera repens Gmel
Vernacular Name: Sinhala:Mukunuwenna; Hin: Gudris; Tam: Ponnannkannjkkirai
Description: A much branched prostrate herb, branches often purplish, frequently rooting at the lower nodes; leaves simple, opposite, somewhat fleshy, lanceolate, oblanceolate or linera-oblong, obtuse or subacute, sometimes obscurely denticulate, glabrous, shortly petiolate; flowers small, white, in axillaiy clusters; fruits compressed obcordate utricles, seeds suborbicular.
Propagation: By seeds
Part Used: Whole plant.
Chemical Constituents: -Sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol, cc-spinasterol, oleanolic acid rhamnoside, 24-methylene cycloartenol, cycloeucalenol, lupeol, 5-cc-stigmasta-7-enol and its palmitate.
Uses: The plant is bitter, sweet, astringent, acrid, cooling constipating, depurative; digestive, cholagogue, galactagogue and febrifuge and is useful in vitiated conditions of kapha and pitta, buring sensation, diarrhoea, leprosy, skin disease, dyspepsia, haemorrhoids agalactia, splenomegaly and fever.