Alysicarpus vaginalis (Dc)

Synonyms: Alysicarpus nummularifolius., Alysicarpus nummularifolius (L.)DC., Alysicarpus nummularifolius (L.)DC., Alysicarpus vaginalis (L.)DC. Hedysarum cylindricum Poiret, Hedysarum vaginale L.
Vernacular Name: Sinhala: Aswenna; Eng: alyce clover, alysicarpus, buffalo clover, one-leaf clover; Tam: Namappoondu
Description: A more or less prostrate, somewhat suffruticose hispid branching herb; leaves somewhat dimorphic, the proximal elliptic, the distal narrower, lanceolate, 'simple', 3-10 mm long, rounded at tips, obtuse, or truncate at base, with short petioles about 1-5 mm long; flowers reddish purple, in terminal racemes; flower 6 mm long; pods cylindric, rugulose, jointed, nearly 2 cm long, 5-7-seeded; seeds pale brown, 1.5 mm long, oval
Propagation: By Seeds.
Part Used: root, leaves & plant.
Chemical Constituents:
 Uses: Plant: skeletal fracture; Decoction of roots: for cough; Leaf extract: aticancer.