Glycine max Merr.

Boo -mae
Synonyms: Glycine soja sieb., Glycine hispida Maxim.
Vernacular Name: Sinhala: Boo -mae; Eng: Soybean, soja bean, soya bean.
Description: Hairy erect annual, to 60 cm tall, with brown hairs. Leaves alternate, long petiolate; leaflets 3, ovate or elliptic, acuminate or rounded stipules linear. Flowers small, papilionaceous, in axillaiy racemes, pink or white; calyx campanulate, 5-toothed, with upper 2 lobes partly united. Fruit a linear legume, to 7.5 cm long, brown and hairy, pendant, constricted between seeds, valves spiral after dehiscence.
Propagation: By seeds and vegetative method.
Parts Used: Fruits and seeds.
Chemical Constituents: Large amount of protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B, carotenoids
amino acids, soyasaponins fatty acids, flavones, sojagol, glyceollin IV, agmatine, flazin.
Uses: Soybean sprout shows estrogen-like activity and antispasmodic activity. Reduced ovulation rate (coumestrol), wound healing (allantion), haemolytic insecticidal (soyasaponins).