Dolichos biflorus L.

Vernacular Name: Sinhala: Kollu; Hin: Kulthi
Description: The plant is common twining creeper, the seeds are small, grayish brown and flattened.
Propagation: By seeds and vegetative method.
Parts Used: Seeds.
Chemical Constituents: The seeds are poor in amino acid content, but rish in urease. A new and nonspecific lectin having the inner carbohydrate moiety as N-acetyl glucosamine. N--glycosidically linked to aspargine has been isolated from the seeds of D. bLflorus. The lectin is not specific for human cells, but agglutinated erythrocytes from other vertebrate species.
Uses: Urolithiasis, dysuria, bleeding piles. In patients with oedema, a diuretic effect has been shown. As a home remedy, kulitha has been used in dysuria, bleeding piles, vaginal bleeding, epistaxis and leucorrhoea. Its use in reducing obesity is also recogruzed. In dysuria it works due to its diuretic property. It is also used to reduce crystalluria and to lyse stones. The powdered seeds are used as a poultice to induce sweating.