Computer Unit was established in 1991 in order to provide services to undergraduate and postgraduate students and staff of Faculty of Agriculture. At present the computer unit has 40 fully networked computers and infrastructure facilities with lab space for 150 computers. Number of computers will be expanded up to 70 in near future. Students are allowed free computer time for data analysis of their project work, computer applications in their course work and free internet access throughout the day. The unit provides services for 800 undergraduates, 100 postgraduates and the 80 staff members at the moment.

The vision for the computer unit is to educate, support and expose latest developments in ICT to all parties in the Faculty and engage with undergraduate, postgraduate and community development program in pair with the University and Faculty mission and vision.

The computer unit facilitates and assists students to acquire computer literacy and strengthen their fields of study for better career opportunities. The Computer Unit has introduced a Computer Awareness course for 1st year 1st semester, Information and Communication Technology course for 1st year 2nd semester as compulsory courses and Database Systems for 2nd year 1st semester and Rapid Application Developments for 2nd year 2nd semester as optional courses. In addition to those, the unit provides the facilities for all other 7 departments for reference activities of the students and other practical classes of Statistical application packages, GIS and Remote sensing applications and soft skill development.

The unit is responsible for developing and maintaining the Faculty website and the Faculty network system. The Unit also provides internet and email facilities for the all faculty members. Further the Unit handles the Learning Management System (LMS) in the faculty since 2007. With this system some examinations are offered online to the students and lecturers have facility to upload their course modules, assignments and quizzes, all those resources can be accessed by the students through this system. Further it provides a maintenance service for the hardware and software failures of computers and other peripherals of the entire Faculty.

So far, we have reached great achievements in software solutions in ICT in agriculture including other software requirements in the Faculty.