Mrs. DAB Nimalshanthi Gunarathna

BSc, MSc

Senior Lecturer in Crop Science
Department of Crop Science
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka



+94(0)41 229 2200 / Ext 315



+94(0)41 229 2389



Development of monoclonal antibodies against plant pathogens using phage display technique Molecular Plant Pathology Use of botanicals for controlling post harvest fungal diseases Screening of fungicides against foliar plant pathogens Detection and quantification of Aflatoxins in selected food grains using TLC and HPLC


  • 23 August —13 September 2006, Workshop on Virus-free Rejuvenation and Wholesale Propagation of Cash Crops, Zhejiang,China.

  • 23 January – 10 February, 2006, International Training Course on Detection of Environmental Pollutants, Testing and Screening of Toxicity; Bangkok, Thailand.

  • 19 March 2000 to 30 June 2000, Fifteen weeks training on Integrated Pest Management, International Agricultural Centre (IAC), Wageningen, the Netherlands.

  •  8th-18th February 1999, regional training in Biotechnology, organised by UNESCO India and University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka


  • Engage in research on estimation and sustainable utilization of solid wastes of household sector through community participation funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka.

  • Evaluation of selected fungicides for management of Sheath Blight disease of rice

  • Studies on anthracnose development on pods of brinjal (Collaboration with HoRDI, Gannoruwa)

  • Study on bacteria associated with imported seed potato (Collaboration with HoRDI, Gannoruwa)

  •  In vitro evaluation of botanicals for their efficacy in managing anthracnose disease of banana caused by Colletotrichum musae.