Teaching and research in Soil Science at the Faculty commenced initially in the former Department of Agronomy in 1978. When four new departments were created by the dissolution of Agronomy Department in 1993, the mandate for Soil Science was vested with the former Department of Agricultural Chemistry, which functioned till May 2006. The new Department of Soil Science was formed in June 2006 and it is the second such department in the country.



The importance of soil as a natural resource has long been recognized by people and, along with water and atmosphere, soil act as the life support system of our planet earth. Although the scientific study of soil started with the rapid development of agriculture, it is now considered as a fundamental subject with applications in agriculture, forestry, engineering and environmental sciences. However, despite the significant transition from agriculture related subject to a fundamental one, the mandate for Soil Science education and research is still vested with agricultural colleges/faculties of universities around the world.



The MISSION of the Department is to develop knowledge of basic soil science and the interrelationships with plant nutrition and environmental quality; to apply this knowledge to advance resource efficient and environmentally sound soil, plant, and environmental management technologies; to improve the quality of life by providing research-based information and educational opportunities on the appropriate use and management of land resources; to prepare undergraduate students with an understanding of and ability to apply fundamental principles of soil science, agronomy, environment, and natural resource management; and to prepare graduate students to conduct basic and applied research that will be used to solve problems for the advancement of science.