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Accommodation and Lodging

Accommodation is provided for the students in the hostels of the Faculty. Those involved in research projects such as Research Assistants and post-graduate students are also allowed accommodation in the hostels. Six Units with accommodation for 33 each and several renovated buildings are available at present Eight hostel blocks to accommodate 160 students. Several houses in the vicinity of the campus have been also leased to accommodate the increased demand for hostels. The students who wish to find such accommodation may contact Assistant Registrar- Agriculture or Sub Wardens.


For unmarried members of the staff, there are two quarters with a total of 11 rooms. A room in one of the bachelors' quarters is reserved for guests. A housing complex with 15 houses to provide accommodation to deserving academic and non-academic staff was completed in 1999.


Sub Warden for Boys Hostels

Mr Jayantha Vitharana
BSc Agric. (Ruhuna)


Sub Warden for Girls Hostels

Mrs DK Champika
BA Econ(sp) (Ruhuna)
MA Econ (Ruhuna)