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Student Counseling

About Counseling

The Counseling Service offers a high standard of service in counseling for those who are finding that their difficulties are hard to manage and/or are affecting their studies/work.  
The Counseling Service is here to enable you to become more effective in your lives and overcome barriers to achieving your full potential.  
Our Counselors aim to help you to explore and understand more clearly the issues that concern you.

The Counseling Team

Our team has a wealth of experience. All counsellors are trained and we arrange a range of workshops of counselling that will sharpen their knowledge and experience.  
The team is headed by the Deputy Senior Student Counsellor.  
The Professional Counsellor is Mr. Miuru Dharmasena.

Our Services

All student counselors are available from 9.00 to 4.00 pm. You can meet them at any time you wish and make an appointment by ringing their internal telephone line.

Deputy Senior Student Counsellor : Dr. Kumari Fonseka

Tel: 041-2292200 (Ext: 242)

For any emergency please contact Mr. Miuru Dharmasena our Professional Counsellor 071 8116256

Information for Students

What is Counselling?

The primary task of the Counselling Service is to enable you to become more effective in your life within and outside of the institution. The service supports you in identifying and overcoming barriers to achieving your potential, promoting the development of self-awareness and a range of life skills, to empower you to make informed choices in your academic, personal and social lives.

Counselling offers the opportunity to explore issues in a safe, private setting with someone who has no other role in your life. Many people find that talking things over with a counsellor can offer a new perspective. Counselling is not the same as giving advice. Counselling is a joint process between you and the counsellor that requires your motivation and active participation.

There can be real benefit in talking to someone outside the situation who is impartial. It is surprising what you can discover about yourself when you share your thoughts out loud and for many people it brings considerable relief.

When you need counselling?

If you are worried, troubled or in distress (or concerned about a friend who is).

You may feel embarrassed about needing to ask for help.

You may be unsure if counselling will help, or whether you are able to use the service.

If you have any problem / difficulties in your studeis / work.

What problems can you bring to Counselling?

Anyone can experience thoughts and feelings that are distressing or affect their ability to concentrate on their studies and work. Examples of problems people seek help with through counselling are:

academic/work worries/pressures

problems arising from studies

anxiety and depression

suicidal thoughts

relationship difficulties

family problems


issues with self-esteem and confidence

This isnot an exhaustive list, but gives you some idea of the kinds of problems people can struggle with and bring to counselling. Sometimes there isn't a specific problem but you may simply want to talk about feeling confused or unhappy. The counsellors are happy to hear about anything that may be troubling you.

How can you make an appointment?

You can meet Deputy Senior Student Counsellor or ring her 041 2292200 (Ext.242)

You can ring Mr. Miuru Dharmasena 071 8116256