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The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna introduces three new degree programmes from 2012


In keeping with the unprecedented demand for education and training opportunities in Agriculture and allied fields, the Ruhuna Faculty of Agriculture introduces three new degree programmes in 2012. This marks the climax of the long process of the curriculum revision undertaken by the Academic Committee of the Faculty of Agriculture which is the apex body responsible for continuous revision and development of the agriculture curriculum at the Faculty. Accordingly, the following changes to the academic programme will come into effect from 2012.


1. The existing degree of BSc Agriculture (BSc Agric) will be replaced by the new degree of BSc Agricultural Resource Management and Technology (BSc Agric Res Mgt & Tech) with effect from 2012. This is the main degree programme offered by the Faculty with the introduction of new courses and the Industrial Training component. The new degree is of four-year duration and the medium of instruction is English. A number of new courses have been incorporated into the degree programme to cater to the emerging needs of the vital agricultural sector in the country while the existing courses have been restructured in order to meet the demands of the century. The Industrial Training component will provide a first class experience to graduates seeking employment both in the public and private sector organizations.


2. As part of the curriculum development process, the Faculty, for the first time in the country, is introducing two new degrees in 2012, namely, BSc Green Technology and BSc Agribusiness Management. This is the first time that a University introduces degrees of this nature not only in Sri Lanka but also in the South Asian region. The two degrees will provide expertise and training for students in two new important and emerging disciplines (Green Technology and Agribusiness Management) that are directly related to Agriculture. The Faculty is of the opinion that the new degrees, having an advantageous niche over other degree programmes in the higher education sector in the country, will attract both local and foreign students.


3. The Faculty places a special emphasis on attracting foreign students as part of the project for transformation of University of Ruhuna to international status. Thus, the infrastructure facilities including ICT, library, accommodation etc will be improved and provided to students following these courses..