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The Ruhuna University College, established in 1978, was upgraded to University status in 1984, to fulfill a long cherished desire of the people of the southern Sri Lanka for a University in the region. The University of Ruhuna consists of seven faculties at present. The Faculties of Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Management & Finance and Fisheries & Marine Science Technology are located at the Wellamadama Campus, 3 km from Matara city, near Dondra. The Faculty of Medicine is located at Karapitiya in Galle. The Faculty of Engineering was established in 2000 at Hapugala in Galle. The Faculty of Agriculture, one of the pioneering faculties of the University, is located at Mapalana, 16 km from Matara, and 2 km from Kamburupitiya along Matara, Kamburupitya road. The Faculty premises of 50 hectares include several academic and administration buildings which house lecture theaters, laboratories, the library, student residences, student recreational facilities, canteen, auditorium, etc., supporting academic and research programs. The Faculty Farm is also located within its premises, integrating farm activities with teaching, research and outreach programs.